Board Chairman’s Message

NAPPDRR Enumerator interacting with Councillor Representing Ward 10, Esit Eket LGA during LGA In-depth Survey

Hon Emem Edoho
NAPPDRR President

Network Advancement Programme for Poverty and Disaster Risk Reduction (NAPPDRR) since 2015 have been seriously involved in some key activities in it focus areas. NAPPDRR have done incredibly important work over the years. While the focus of politicians is on the big ticket issues, NAPPDRR ensures that it focuses on Human right advocacy, peace building, conflict resolution, poverty reduction and anti-corruption campaign is strictly adhered to,  in implementing it programs. One indication of NAPPDRR reputable profile is our ability to implement people’s oriented program that have impact on health and poverty alleviation for people in the rural areas. 2016 was the first full year in which our strategies was operational and we are beginning to reap the benefits. Greater emphasis in building capacity of youth and women in agribusiness enterprise within our operating communities which have helped to create vibrant new partnerships for us both within Akwa Ibom State and beyond resulting in more than 20 youths and women undertaking aquaculture farming, snailery, and poultry as a business due to related training and financial assistance they were given on the above stated enterprise.

As at 2017, we implemented donation of relief materials to selected motherless and destitute homes and it is on record that, apart from Exxon Mobil Corporation, we were the first indigenous non-governmental organization who deems it necessary to give support to the motherless babies at the center. We also donated cash to some extremely marginalized elderly women particularly the widow whose living condition, shelter and health situations was very pitiable.In the year 2018, due to outcries from famers who suffered losses of farm produce arising from Exxon Mobil Oil spillage in 2016, being a human Right Advocacy Organization, we intervened in good faith to seek redress for the affected farmers in the court of law. The court process and litigations is still ongoing. The board of trustee believes that, our focus on poverty reduction will enable a crime free society, if youth are actively engaged with necessary support to be productive.We are concentrated on working in partnership with relevant organizations and policy makers to influence total implementation of government youth and women empowerment programmes as provided for in the budget.

During 2018, NAPPDRR in order to expand its network; signed up its membership with the below listed organizations.

  • Transition Monitoring Group (TMG)
  • Akwa Ibom State Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (AK-CSCSD)
  • Partner for Peace (P4P)

Despite the changes the future will inevitable bring, we are determined that our focus will never be distracted. We will continue to play significant roleinalleviating poverty among the youth and women, campaign against corruption in government circle by conducting timely Social Audits on abandoned projects, human rights advocacy and conflict resolution etc.


Chair, Board of Trustees