Our Activities

VFL 2019 Enumerator with NULGE Chairman, Esit Eket LGA

Our key activities are;

  • Capacity building for youth and women on agribusiness enterprise such as aquaculture, poultry, snailery, and vegetable farming.
  • Conducting of Social Audits on abandoned public projects within our operational base to get citizens fully informed about the status of government commitments on the abandoned projects.
  • Identify, access, and reduce the risk of disaster by determining how it will affect the people relying on monitoring technology to understand the physical process emanating before hazards and disseminate early warnings to residents about the pending disaster ahead.

Project Realized


  1. Establishment of Court action against Exxon Mobil to compensate farmers of Idua NtukInyang Cooperative society and IdungEkwereEno cooperative society against lossesincurred arising from Exxon Mobil Oil Spillage during 2016.
Duration 2018
Donor Donation from Individuals
Approved fund N500,000.00


  1. Engaged Law firm (Liberty Now) and signing of contract for legal actions against Exxon Mobil for compensation of the two cooperative societies’ members.
  2. Payment of the first tranche legal fee of N300,000.00 to the legal firm for redress at the court.